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  1.   11 November 2017
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Lakeside High School had their 50th Annual Graduation at Saturday May 21st at the Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church, Atlanta Georgia. The commencement ceremony started at 10 AM with the Class of 2016 streaming down the ailse to take their place on stage. Photos of the event were captured by The Paparazzi. Olivia N. Murray made her parents proud as they watched her strut across the grand stage to collect her high school diploma. Click on photos to view album.

Olivia's Graduation


Olivia 2016 Graduation 34

Olivia's Graduation Dinner

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  1.   30 May 2016
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President Obama drops the mic at the 2016 Whitehouse Correspondents Dinner. Obama had his audience erupting in laughter throughout his 30 minute recap of his 8 years as Commander and Chief of the United States of America. Video courtesy of CSPAN.


  1.   02 May 2016
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I visited my daughter tonight to deliver on my promise on giving her what she requested to make her look the way she wants for her prom tomorrow. She was really under the weather fighting the loss of her voice and whatever current virus that took a toll on her brother, then Mom, and now her. I was concerned if she would be well enough to attend the event, let alone enjoy the experience of what most would consider as one of the most significant events in the life of an adolescent. I felt moved to sit by her bedside, lean over to hug her and pour some love to her. It is the only thing that always have at my disposal that can fix such a condition. I had just brought her the money she needed, but I knew it wasn’t going to fix this problem as she feebly said thank you, took it and left it teetering on her night table.

As I continued to hug her and gently kiss her cheeks and forehead, her light started to return and soon her smiles were returning to the ever beautiful human that I am so proud to call my daughter. She whispered, Daddy, I missed you. She was just back from visiting her out of state college picks, so she missed our chats and weekly eat out family dinner. Of course I missed her too and expressed that right before I reverted to Paparazzi mode to capture her reluctant images. Of course no female wants to be photographed looking their worse, byt she knew it was futile telling daddy no.

The main reason I wanted to do that was to capture the organic experience. That's just what I do. I guess I have always been sentimental like that, which has led to me documenting and recording stories. Why? Because I believe each and every story can serve a purpose of educating or enhancing the life of another, so on my daily journey I encourage others to do the same.

I do know that Olivia will overcome this adversity like she always does. Skinning off her skin on her left knee and shoulder after her team mate crashed into her during her recent 4x100 relay, did not stop her from bearing her scars on a public stage while wearing a gorgeous sleeveless dress to host Miss Lakeside Talent Competition.

Olivia’s strength and tenacity proves a lot of things, inclusive but not limited to the fact that:

  1. She is not a vain person.
  2. She focuses on what is most important.
  3. She does all that she can to deliver on her promises
  4. If needs be, she will take the IM out of Impossible

Last and most certainly not least; she has a tough chin that is reflective of her Daddy’s.

PS: I have to Believe that Olivia will enjoy her HS Prom tomorrow, because belief cures. The other two things that are without a doubt, absolutely essential are...

Love & Light



Author: Sydney O. Murray

  1.   23 April 2016
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Passover of 2016 commenced in the US at 6:00 PM today, since the days of the Hebrew Calendar start at sundown not sunrise. This simply means that April 23rd starts on the 22nd at 6pm. The real question is, why do we celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday on earlier dates, when Jesus died after having his last meal just before the beginning of passover?


 "Passover was intended to distinctly address the impeccable fact that it was by Jesus Christ’s sacrificed life and shed blood that we have access to eternal life. Unfortunately, merging His death and resurrection into one holy day, as Easter describes, blurs the deep profound meaning of both these events by taking away the emphasis that each so richly deserves.


Sadly, on a broader scale, the abandonment of the observance of God’s holy days has contributed to this greatly. Understanding the additional holy days throughout the year, their enriched meanings and sequence they portray, would clarify how each step in the salvation/atonement process is remarkably explained for our understanding and spiritual appreciation." 


  1.   22 April 2016
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