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1983 Foundation Mission Statement

To improve the quality of school life of students at Ardenne High School.

 Goals and Objectives

1. To activate other members of the Ardenne High School graduating class of 1983 to support our projects which benefit the school.

2. Activate and motivate graduates of the Class of 1983, to assume small projects within the school.

3. To assess the current needs and provide financial assistance to current Ardenne High School students, from the proceeds of fund raising events. 

4. To partner with other Friends of Ardenne in the pursuit of projects which coincide with our mission statement.

 Banking Arrangements

The 1983 Foundation currently operates a regular Saving Account at First Global Bank, whereby funds can be directly deposited into A/C # 990894530362. The account has restricted signing authorisation for control purposes, with two members, the Chairman and the Financial Controller jointly having the ability to withdraw funds.

Financial Operations

The Financial Controller of The 1983 Foundation, Ms. Patricia Fagan has been a certified Banker for 20 years, and proposes to provide the Principal of Ardenne High School with the necessary documents of accountability such as Financial Statements pertaining to the financial activities of the group. The 1983 Foundation proposes to submit all relevant reports to the Alumni Association, on their various activities.

  1.   12 May 2016
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the deck ticket

In honour of Heather Murray, Ms. Jamaica Fashion Model 1986. 

"Here she stands, with her back to the gates of Ardenne (signifying that she has left), while standing within the open gates (indicating that she she is still there). It symbolizes where we all stand!!!" ~ Dahlia McDaniel


  1.   11 May 2016
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Sydney Murray of Chamblee Charter High School wins 200M race at Marist Track Meet breaking his personal best record.

  1.   31 March 2016
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The 49th Annual Miss Lakeside proudly presents GIRLS NIGHT OUT with hosts Olivia Murray, Tensaye Taye, Julia Clark and Selina Asefaw on Friday March 4, 2016 at the Lakeside High School, Atlanta Georgia. The annual talent competition focuses on the talents and achievements of LHS Seniors.
Coverage by The Legacy Magazine.
Photography by The Paparazzi.


  1.   16 March 2016
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Model and Actress Shawnta Welsh celebrated her birthday in fine style at a Hibachi Restaurant in Metro Atlanta last weekend with family, close friends and her management team. Click on the photo to view the album.

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