What Did Blue Do For You (2011)

 Our FB group is one of the most powerful and effective alumni groups on FB and the internet. Our analytics have reflected the power of saying something within our group. It has proven that we have more readers than members and that more people are reading our posts versus the members that are physically seen interacting with a post by liking or commenting. We therefore must do our best to protect our legacy and we are asking every member to help us by abiding by our House Rules and guiding new members when they venture outside our parameters. As we set up a duplicate entity in the DaBlue Community, we want members of What Did Blue Do For You FB to take ownership and responsibility of our vision via your participation and actions. Readers around the world like our product and we need to make sure that we continue to provide a great product based on the group's objectives not individual agendas.


Blue Memoirs

Our What Did Blue Do For Facebook JC-SAHS joint Alumni Group has accomplished its mission and goals of re-creating history, honoring our benefactors, paying tributes and telling not His-Story but OurStory. This is a "Priceless Legacy" that the "Doers" of our Joint Alumni have created and we now have to complete the cataloguing of posts by members so that we will have an easily navigable online memoir to read. We are giving every member until the end of December 31, 2011 to be a participant and have your story included in what the World will know as the Blue Memoirs. It will eventually have its own URL http://bluememoirs.com.



The Blue Memoirs site will eternally give the world and the descendants of the contributors a window into the lives, times and thoughts of students that matriculated into our alma maters, Jamaica College for Boys and St.Andrew High School for Girls, making the contributors and their legacy reflected in our Blue Memoirs immortal. We will continue to take JC-SAHS and their affiliates to the World and bring the World to JC-SAHS and their affiliates. With our alma maters having a visible presence on the World Wide Web, we will expand our possibilities for converting our priceless legacy into a tangible legacy that will impact our institutions as well as the present and future administrations and student populations. We will develop these plans and implement them from within the community website DaBlue and Blue Memoirs.



We will try our best to invite every member from What Did Blue Do For You to our DaBlue websites. We feel this is a better platform with more capabilities to achieve our objectives. If you don't get an invite it is because you are not within the friends list of a What Did Blue Do For You administrator. You can send a friend request to the admin asking to be added to DaBlue and we will add you. If you got added and it is contrary to your desires please remove yourself. Please bear in mind that the admin at DaBlue may take some time in adding members, setting passwords and security when you submit your list of friends to be invited. This is not unusual and they are working on how they can speed up that process; however if you are already a DaBlue Member you can invite them directly using DaBlue community "Invite Friends"  by email tool.


Joint Alumni

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls, so from inception when What Did Blue Do For You was registered, we had separate entities created; http://BlueBoyz.com for JC Boys and http://SAHSIGirls.com for SAHS girls. We however still encourage interactiveness and joint ventures within our joint entity JC-SAHS Alumni, which will be one of many alumni groups from around the world that will be found on DaBlue. We only hope that JC-SAHS will continue to be trailblazers, but we would also like to learn from other Alumni around the world if they take are taking things to the next level. We are working to get our entities up and running by January 2012.


There is no marketing or advertising allowed within our What Did Blue Do For You Facebook Group and Blue Memoirs, but we allow members to promote or advertise anything (within our guidelines) within their individual profiles on our high traffic site DaBlue Community. Please take advantage of those opportunities there.



We will be forever grateful to our participants; though we had rigid guidelines, you cooperated and helped to create a product that has become a hit with the world, as reflected in our hits report. We hope that you will continue to cooperate and encourage other members to join us and participate. It is all about cultivating a culture of helping the weak if you are strong enough to do so. It is time to start helping us reverse the attitude and mentality of "Only the strong survive"











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