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Giving Back and Helping

The incentives and opportunities within the DoDaBlue Community is not only constructed to benefit any citizen of the world and their cause, it is constructed to also financially benefit the members of any Alumni, their Alma Maters, their community or their cause, based upon the Creator’s philosophy of giving back to the sources that helped to create you; and helping those who helped you or that ask for help.



Equal Opportunities

We can only reward what is posted and done publicly and transparently within the group or community. Everyone is presented with the same opportunities and the earlier you make use of the opportunity the more you will have for you and the people or causes you care about. When all is said and done, it will be written that everyone and every Alumni was presented with the same opportunities, your harvest will depend upon the seeds you sow.



Market and Promote

We create public sites promoting the culture, progress and success of each Alma Mater and their Alumni. The sites will eventually earn funds for the Alumni and their Alma Maters, based upon the traffic they generate. Members of DoDaBlue will also be able to earn from what they generate within their private profile. They can also market or promote any cause from there. 


Capitalize on Growth and Opportunities

The early bird will get the worms, the ones who sow first shall reap first and the ones creating while the community is smaller will earn more Karma Points and jump ahead of the rat race when the wagons start rolling and the honey starts flowing. Alumni have a rare opportunity to capitalize on growth and opportunities, since they will all be connected. The playing field is completely level for all institutions around the world to create their presence within DoDaBlue and take their, mission and causes of their Alumni and Alma Maters "To The World".


 DaBlue Sky is the Limit

The more you create the more you will earn for you and your cause. DaBlue Sky is the limit. Your destiny is in your hands. We cannot say this any clearer and we won’t say it again. Those who have ears to hear; let them hear… DaBlue Train is moving, fasten your seat belts….


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