DaBlue History

 DaBlue History


DaBlue Vision

DaBlue was born out of the vision of a young boy, 40 years ago in Jamaica, a country known for its Music, Tourism, Bobsled team, Reggae Boys, Bob Marley and most recently Usain Bolt.               

Through his youthful eyes he watched a social revolution of the then 99% campaigning and crying out for change in his country and around the world, as he turned 7 years old on December 2,1971.

Living in the Past

Our world is still living in the past, as George Santayana Born December 16, 1863 in Rome, Italy  quoted, “Those who cannot learn from history are bound to repeat it.” He also said "We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."

 Forty years later that young boy is now living in the US and watching the occupy Wall Street movement and other social revolutions around the world, demonstrating in the streets through his now adult eyes. The 1% versus the 99%, the widening gap between the strong and the weak, all over again. The problem is not that there is a 1% that is super rich, because in our world and from his perspective, it is less than 10% of any audience, community or population that are the real Doers, maybe 80% are watchers, (people who watch what Doers Do) and another 10% who in modern language are considered Haters, (people who are unsupportive and envy what Doers do, no matter what that thing is). The contempt is for Doers who climb on the backs of the weak to get to the top and after getting to the top, proactively shutting doors to prevent the same people who helped them to get there from getting there. They therefore become greedy and work actively to create monopolies instead of showing others how to be prosperous too.


Get Rich and Switch

As a young boy he knew this label to be the "Get Rich and Switch" mentality. This label is typically given to someone who is on a path of success and forgets or departs from their family, friends, community; to be with others that have more than them, instead of less. Nothing is wrong with this half of their actions. The bad part is never looking back to carry at least one person with them to their destination. They throw elaborate parties for the less fortunate to come and see where they are and how good they are living, and avoid visiting their source, because they want to forget where they came from. Their maxim evolved into “Only the strong survive” instead of “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, to make this world a better place. We as a people must come to realize that after your stomach is full, attempting to eat more is simply gluttonous. You can only drive one car at a time, sleep in one house and one bed at a time. Nothing is wrong with owning multiple assets, it is not helping or teaching others, that is wrong. They're people with empty stomachs all over the world sharing one bed with six people; we can do better, we can teach them to find their way.


Teach How To Fish

On one hand we have 10% that want to keep all of the fish; then we have 80% that seem to not know how to fish, while 10% no matter what the circumstances, want to lie around waiting on the seashore for the Fisherman to come home with their fish. To solve the problem and narrow the divide between the two antithetical 10 percent categories, we have to level the playing fields and provide the same opportunities to everyone; we have to show ambitious people how to fish and where to fish.


The Dream of a Seven Year Old

 The young seven-year-old child in his mind at the time could not understand why when people become successful they didn’t show others how to become successful, he could not understand the rationale behind a member of a family or community becoming rich and subsequently forgetting their source and where they came from. This became known as the “get rich and switch mentality in his time.” At 7 he dreamt that one day if he ever had the money he would create an empire that had everything it needed for people to be independent and realize their full potential. He wanted everyone to be presented with the same opportunities. He wanted it to start from nothing into something; in other words he didn’t want it handed to him on a platter or want millions in his lap overnight to build it. He wanted to take his significant people with him and teach them to in turn, take their significant people with them. If you are on a path of success, you shouldn’t hide the path, you should make the path visible for others to follow. The entities http://lolpeep.com and http://lolap.co were simultaneously created to teach this. LOL (Live Out Loud, to show not to show off), PEEP (People Educating, Enriching People). LOLAP Living Out Loud And Proud. These entities are designed to show people how to live and achieve.


Pursuit of the Dream

 During his “Pursuit Of The Dream” he lost precious time with his family and almost lost his family. Though on a part of success he threw in the towel and walked away from it all, because he realized that each day his young children was going to be that age only once and that every opportunity missed with them could not be retrieved.

Now earning less money, they were times that he compromised his beliefs by playing the lotto (less times than the amount of fingers on his left hand), because of a sequence of numbers that kept appearing to him, but he never won. He however would have seen this as cheating on his personal beliefs, based upon his dream of building something from the ground up from virtually nothing; he had done so throughout his life for different entities he created and dissolved; some voluntarily, others when it was time to fold them, but his dream, even if it was just limited to helping his immediate family, continued to evade him.

Little did he know that everything that happened to him throughout his life, was preparing him with the tools and resources to create his grandiose dream. Little did he know that his life lessons and modern technology had placed his dream right at the end of his fingertips. Forty years later in the year 2011, with his toddlers now grown kids, he was re-energized with a plan to create his own business model on the Internet and was in the process of winding down his current business to launch his new in January 2012, when he felt inspired to create an entity combining his single gender Alma Mater with its sister institution, probably its first known Joint Alumni. It was within this group that his vision was strengthened and supported by others. As he focused on their needs the way forward became clearer to him. He started to create entities that would include them and others like them around the world. Today with almost 200 entities created, his dream is now becoming real. http://DaDream Is Real.com



He became a member of Facebook within the last couple of years and within a few months of joining created a group named Passion. He however had no time to give it passion and he dissolved it. Subsequently observing what other Facebook groups allowing a lack of decorum and decency to prevail, he made the decision to start his own group aligned with one of his passions; “Honoring The Source;” honoring entities and people that made you the sum of who you are today. One of his sources was his Alma Mater. Coincidentally 40 years ago in the same year 1971, his country was on the verge of change and so was his Alma Mater. Virtually all students at all schools are required to wear uniform and though the girls at different schools wore unique styles with colors reflected in their logos or school colors, virtually all boys wore the same color Khaki and blended in without a passerby being able to distinguish the school they belong to. His Alma Mater injected a color found in their logo into their uniforms; in 1972, they injected Blue.

 And so it came to pass, that students of the next school year in fall of 1972 no longer wore khaki, they became the first batch of students since the school’s creation in 1789, to wear the blue. They injected Blue and became the face of Blue. It was a simple color change that made a huge difference in the lives of the current student population at the time. At first some felt naked as they could be easily identified, some felt humiliated because gas attendants at some service stations close to their school wore Blue at the time, but over time it evolved into a color that the majority of the student body was proud to where, not because of the color, but because of the actions of the individuals, it was not simply looking different, it was all about "Behaving" and "Doing" things different. The College became Trail Blazers for change.


Four years later he became a student at this prestigious all boy institution that bore the name of his country and which had over 2 centuries of rich heritage and history. He reflected on how special and unique wearing the Blue made him feel, in a World where all other boys wore khaki. He reflected on the pride, the discipline, the brotherhood forged, because of this simple but powerful color change. The color stood out and the actions of the individual wearing the color stood out. It gave you a feeling that you were held to a higher standard than others. It gave you a feeling that once you wore the Blue your Blood became Blue and all persons that matriculated into this institution became Blue Brothers for life. The color Blue subsequently evolved into the slogan and branding of a phrase that identified the College and its Alumni, they grew to see each other as brothers belonging to the same Blue Fabric and they all know the phrase and what it means when they hear or see "True Blue For Life"


What Did Blue Do For You

On May 26, 2011, he created the Facebook Group “What Did Blue Do For You” This group included his Alma Mater’s sister an all girls Institution. This was the first time he was called “The Creator” a title bestowed upon anyone that creates a group, page or profile on Facebook. Some members therefore referred to him as “The Creator”, hence the inspiration of the title for his thoughts. This title brought clarity to him and to the fact that we are all creators. If you take up a blank sheet of paper and make two vertical strokes, one shorter than the other; one with a dot over it and one with a perpendicular, stroke through it, well you have just created the word "it," where there was no it there 2 seconds ago. He encouraged his fellow alumni of his brother and sister Alma Maters to join him on a journey to recreate their past, to join him in creating a new present and a new future. He created an online interactive memoir, within a group whose title was really a question. What Did Blue Do For You? His answer is summarized in one word. Everything!!!

 The group added over 1,000 members by word of mouth, in less than two months, between August 12 and September 26, 2011. It was a symbolic milestone based upon the adoption of the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.” The objective of the Facebook group, is to promote pride and reverence for a source that shaped them as they were invited to recreate their history in their first online interactive memoir now known as, “The Blue Memoirs.” Over two thousand posts were entered by members while they journeyed to 1000. The memoirs will be found at http://BlueMemoirs.com in the year 2012.


Eleven, Eleven, Eleven at Eleven

The energy generated by the Facebook Group "What Did Blue Do For You" altered his course of his own personal goals, he came to find out that he inspired the group and the group inspired him, creating a completeness. It brought all of its members “Full Circle;” coincidentally, the title of the latest book by his uncle, C. Everard Palmer, a Jamaican writer that aside from his parents, also inspired him at the age of 7. Because of the Creator’s philosophy of honoring the sources of your total being, as well as his 7 year old dream of taking people who helped you with you, he made the decision to incorporate the members of his Joint Alumni Group into his plans. He launched DoDaBlue on 11/11/11 at 11 PM and officially registered it as an entity.

On the 11th day after 11/11/11 at 11AM; 11 AM was chosen the second time round, because it was realized that 11 PM was already 11AM on the next day in countries located in the Eastern Hemisphere. He symbolically wanted to cease upon the rare alignment of all of the elevens, as well as wanted it to be the same day everywhere in the world. At that moment he launched DaBlue and its entities.


DaBlue World

December 2, 2011 marked the 40th anniversary of a grandiose dream; a dream most would consider a pipe dream, but with social networking, modern technology, experience and resources garnered on his long and arduous journey; he now sees the light at the end of the tunnel; he sees the mountain top, he sees how the world can be connected and be made whole with these ancient teachings and principles that we have some how forgotten or have failed to learn from. He sees how people from around the world at a click of a button can teach others, learn from others and help others from around the world. He sees a new world; he now sees DaBlue World.

The journey continues in DaBlue World…


DaBlue Creator



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